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CPUC California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) Grants:

Broadband Infrastructure, Digital Adoption and Planning
Grants Awarded in the Inland Empire To-Date:
 $61.9 Million

*Total of $55 Million CASF Broadband Infrastructure Grants awarded to-date serving 17,410 Unserved Households in the Inland Empire:

$1.3 Million – Ultimate Internet Access (UIA):  
Helendale, CA
2,279 Households
San Bernardino County(May 2015)

$1.9 Million – Ultimate Internet Access (UIA):  
Wrightwood, CA
1,857 Households
San Bernardino County(May 2015)

$2.6 Million – Anza Electrical Cooperative:
"Connect Anza" Phase 1 
Anza, Aguanga, Lake Riverside Estates, and Reed Valley, CA
3,751 Households
Riverside County(December 2015)

$1.8 Million -- Anza Electrical Cooperative:
"Connect Anza" Phase 2 
Pinyon Pines, CA & Santa Rosa Reservation
400 Households
Riverside County(May 2018)

$2 Million -- Race Communications:
Red Mountain, CA
202 Households
San Bernardino County(January 2016)

$36.7 Million – Race Communications:
“Gigafy Phelan”
Phelan, Pinon Hills, Oak Hills, & Southern Hesperia, CA
7,606 Households
San Bernardino County
(July 2017)

$1.4 Million -- Frontier Communications
Lytle Creek, CA
339 Households
San Bernardino County
(July 2018)

$197,184 -- Charter Communications (Spectrum):
Orchid Drive, Highland, CA
115 Households
San Bernardino County
(December 2019) 

$267,943 -- Charter Communications (Spectrum):
Country Squire Mobile Estates
Moreno Valley, CA

99 Households
Riverside County
(December 2019)

$2.1 Million -- Charter Communications (Spectrum):
Country Meadows Mobile Home Park
Ontario, CA
295 Households
San Bernardino County
(November 2020)

$784,322 -- Charter Communications (Spectrum):
Monterey Manor Mobile Home Village
Montclair, CA
87 Households
San Bernardino County
(November 2020)

$907,817 -- Charter Communications (Spectrum):
Soboba Springs Mobile Estates
San Jacinto, CA
217 Households
Riverside County
(November 2020)

$543,529 -- Charter Communications (Spectrum):
Villa Montclair Mobile Home Park
Montclair, CA
62 Households
San Bernardino County
(November 2020)

$1.8 Million -- Charter Communications (Spectrum):
Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Community
Highland, CA
101 Households
San Bernardino County
(September 2021)

*Total of $3 Million CASF Digital Adoption
Broadband Grants awarded to-date in the
Inland Empire: 

$78,397 -- Empowering Success Now
"Bilingual Digital Literacy"
Fontana, CA
San Bernardino County
(August 2018)

$484,838 -- County of San Bernardino Housing Authority
"CASF Public Housing Digital Training & Adoption Program"

San Bernardino, CA
San Bernardino County
(December 2018)

$17,688 -- Coachella Valley Housing Coalition
"Computer Literacy & Technology Training"
Indio, CA
Riverside County
(August 2019)

$59,883 -- Sigma Beta XI
"Digital Divide Outreach"
Moreno Valley, CA

Riverside County
(August 2019)

$2.2 Million -- Great Harvest Community Center 
"Digital Literacy - San Bernardino County School Districts"
San Bernardino, CA
San Bernardino County
(October 2022)

$26,734 -- Anza Electric Cooperative
"Public Broadband Education Program"
Anza, CA
Riverside County
(April 2023)

$80,546 -- City of Palm Springs
"Broadband Access Program"
Palm Springs, CA
Riverside County
(April 2023)

*Total of $3.9 Million CPUC Local Agency Technical Assistance (LATA) Broadband Grants awarded to-date in the Inland Empire.

$300,000 -- City of Banning Electrical Utility

$234,000 -- City of Coachella

$256,746 -- City of Indio

$233,500 -- City of Palm Springs

$425,256 -- City of San Bernardino

$500,000 -- County of Riverside

$978,460 -- Coachella Valley Association of Governments

$996,058 - Southern California Association of Governments    (SCAG)


California Broadband for All (Overview)

National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) 
Broadband Grant Funding Opportunities:

US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Reconnect Loan & Grant Program - Broadband Grant Funding:

California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) Grant Opportunities

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